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Dendritic quartz pendant in rectangular silver frame on a silver chain. The inclusions are red, black, and white. Total weight 14.6g. Dendritic quartz with it's tree like, fern shapes and branches is a very interesting and pleasing gemstone.

The quartz measures about 3/4 inch by 1/2 inch. The chain is 20 inches.

Excellent condition.

Although the dendritic pattern appears as a fossilized plant, it is really inorganic manganese oxide. When moisture and iron mix, the result is oxidation, better known as rust. Oxidation is an every day occurrence. It even happened in gemstones. Traces of moisture and iron or manganese were trapped inside quartz, which produced stains resembling trees or branches called dendrites. The word Dendrite comes from the Greek word “dendron” meaning tree. Hence the name Dendritic or Dendrite Quartz. [Minerals-n-More]


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